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Some of our insights into topics surrounding our industry; Website design & graphic design trends and mobile app development. Artificial Intelligence (AI) topics. Digital Marketing tips. The latest in Search Engine Optimization you can do yourself etc.



Are your website sales and visits increasing?

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Does your website fit the purpose for which it is intended? Having a website for your business, whether large or small, these days is a must.

Has your website gotten out of hand? Has it grown beyond it’s intended purpose and lost its clarity and effectiveness?

At Active Design we live and breathe good website design. We know what works and what doesn’t. We have the skills and experience to create beautiful, attractive looking websites, and we know the workings behind website creation and the ways and means to increase traffic to your site. We know how to write clever, keyword-rich content to ensure the people who are looking for you make that connection. We are always creating new websites as well as upgrading older sites to keep things fresh and new. We are passionate about what we do and can whip your website into better shape!

Has your website lost if effectiveness and purpose?

Contact our friendly team here at Activate to re-focus your site on it’s true purpose – to provide awareness of the products and services you provide, to offer your contact information and company information clearly and quickly, and to increase sales for your company. Don't put up with a stale website! Let us cook up new website design to satisfy any business style and taste.

Not sure if your website is performing at it’s best? Have a look at these questions to see if your website comes up to scratch or whether it needs some attention. Have a think about the job your website is doing for you; has it gotten old and out of date? Can it be revived or is it time to refresh, rebrand, and launch yourself into the competitive ranks of modern website business? Take a look at our online website design portfolio for some refreshing website design ideas.

  • Would you choose your business with only your website as an introduction? That's a good question, if I do say so myself. This may prompt you to have a look at some of your competitors websites to see where you stand. Does your site reflect who you are as a business, and at the same time being welcoming and clearly informative? And fast - don't forget fast! Website browsing is now the #1 place to find businesses because it is the quickest! Does your site keep up to speed with the others or crawl along, causing your visitors to back right out again rather than wait for graphics, etc, to load? Take a look at our website portfolio for examples.
  • Does you site introduce your company clearly? Is your company name is recognisable and clear? Are your contact details easily visable and up to date? Does your website shout; This Is Us!!? For me personally, diving into a site to find the contact details is usually the reason I'm there, and if a site is clean, clear and easy to read, I might stay a while to read more. Can you grab the attention and curiosity of your fast-browsing website audience?
  • Is there clear navigation to enable quick access to your information? If your website is, for example, for a garden centre, can I find out about lawn maintenance from a menu button or will I leave disappointed, having navigated through screes of irrelevant information? We can add clever content and split your information up into pages, making the right information quick and easy to locate.
  •  Is your logo immediately visible – and of good quality? A pixelated or low resolution logo says more about your company than you probably want to know. It's not good. When presenting your company present everything as professionally and consistently as possible to give the best possible impression. Contact us right now if your logo does not project the high standards of your business! Visit our online logo design portfolio to see examples of our logo design and marketing.
  •  Has your website been proof-read and thoroughly checked for errors? Industry professionals cannot afford even the smallest mistake on their site – after all, if the attention to detail isn’t there on your own website, how do we know you will lift your standards for a customer? If your site is error-free, you are showing your standards are already high, and this will sell your professionalism and follow-through to your customer. Your website reflects how you feel about your own business, and by association, how you feel about other people’s business. Contact me today to proof read every inch of your website, and to create new, refreshing content for your site - error free!
  •  Does your website use Flash? Flash is now old technology. Steve Jobs made certain of that. Flash is no longer compatible with many platforms and though it may look cool when viewing on your computer – what does it look like on an iPad or iPhone? These platforms are becoming more common, and so fast it's hard to keep up with! We would be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss how to make your website effective on all platforms. We can even create targeted versions of your website that devices such as iPhones can auto-detect, and will access - rather than trying to load your main site. Technology is getting very clever but don't worry, we're pretty clever too.
  •  Does your site have images that detract from or enhance the content? Your website images are there to grab attention, to show in seconds what you can offer. They are there to impress, to show off, and to lead to the content that you really want the customer to read. Are they working for you or against you? Are they relevant or distracting?
  • Does your site have video clips? Done right, video clips are a great way to educate and catch the interest of web surfers that perhaps aren’t interested in reading your content. Is your video ready to play when a web surfer clicks on it? Does it play automatically, often annoying the person who has just entered your site and often causing them to bounce right out again. Same goes for background website music – no, no and no. See our video for website page for more information on taking advantage of promoting and educating through video for web.
  • Does your site have a main focal point? Do you know what people see first? Where does the eye of the viewer travel after landing on that first point? Is your website designed in such a way as to offer information in the best order or does a website surfer get lost in the maze of your online information.

Are you going to call us yet?

Here's the number just in case: 0800 30 8996.

Website content is often overlooked in favour of the design and layout of a site. As most of us know, the look of a website is the first decider for a web surfer, to see whether or not they can clearly read and understand the information shown. A clutter of information and pop-up advertising may cause web surfers to bounce right back out of a website in favour of a cleaner, more accessible and easy to navigate site.

Once you've grabbed a web surfer's attention through your mind-blowingly well designed website (click here for examples of such), your information needs to have a similar impact. Website content that is clearly written, key-word rich, and written by someone with a knowledge of all the aspects of your business that you wish to showcase, and a good knowledge of how search engines work to target those little suckers, then we simply ensure it is broken down into bite-sized little pieces and listed under clear navigation.

There are certain other factors that make a website effective, see our S.E.O. Services page on how to increase traffic and, by effect, sales to your website.

We'd also like to encourage you to get in touch with us, have a cup of tea and a bit of a sit down while we discuss how we can utilise our design skills, copy writing talents, developer skills, print and marketing capacity, programming cleverness, proof reading savvy (have I forgotten anything?), focusing on making your website get back to climbing up that hill in it's constant job to get ahead of the race and bring you the attention and recognition your business deserves.


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