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Upgrade Your Logo Design

So it's probably time you upgraded your old logo. Right?

When logos are not designed with both the web and print media in mind, it can cause you a whole lot of issues with colour / resolution / print reproduction and digital reproduction - all kinds of headaches we know how to work around - or better yet - create a NEW brand with these issues in mind. At Activate Design we have the advantage of being in both the online media and print industry, to work with the boundaries of any media.

Let’s face it - your logo is under a whole lot more pressure these days. It needs to be able to be reproduced on such a variety of different media. It needs to work on your business card - there’s a start. But will you go Offset or Digital with your printing? Or both?! Spot colours work with Offset printing, where if you must have that exact shade of Agent 99 Red - then you’re going to get it. Digital can be hit and miss, but it can also be a cheaper way to go with some printing. Understanding the colour breakdown of what you want to accomplish can take us a looooong way to helping you choose the right colour.

How many colours? If you were producing full colour print for every advert then go all out, but if you’re small, you may want to think about costs of colour say, for printing onto bags, balloons or usb drives. Products where your logo must be small, simple, and easy to read even in on something as small and simple as a pen.

Websites, Social media sites - your logo has to have punch. It needs to be recognised in the 3 seconds it takes most people to skim over a page online. If it’s particularly interesting, you may get people stopping to check it out - fantastic! It’s got to show the theme or style of your business, it’s gotta shout out that you’re the last stop for that product or service that’s needed, tease them a little, and lead them to your own website. You don’t have a website?! See us urgently for web development to coincide with your company rebranding!! We can even host your website and organise your printing right here at Activate Design in Christchurch!

Have you thought how your logo would appear on an iPhone or iPad application? Is it straightforward enough not to lose it’s impact on a small hand-held device? It needs to be. Who knows where it may end up... Some of here at Activate practically live in cyber-space and there’s a lot of new stuff going on - a lot of new platforms for you to springboard a new improved company brand - including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, etc. etc.

Rebranding is a way to ensure your logo and identity keep up with todays print and media trends. Let us professionals give your business a new logo from which to spring forth. It is spring, after all. Challenge us to get Activated! on your project and generate new interest and new beginnings, for your company.

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