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Why You Still Need a Business Card in 2021

standard business card nz

While some might argue that business cards are no longer relevant in our increasingly digital world, the same argument has been made about brochures and print magazines, which continue to be popular amongst consumers and business people. In this article, we look at why business cards remain a valuable tool for marketing and communication.

Here’s a typical scenario—you meet a potential customer at a trade show and agree to exchange contact information. You open your contacts app and ask for their name, mobile number, and email. It’s a noisy hall, and you’re not sure you’ve entered their name correctly. Did you get their email address right? Did you remember to save the contact in your app? The whole exchange is clumsy and time-consuming. Sure, you could share your contact details over Bluetooth, but many people are wary of receiving files on their phone from someone they’ve likely just met.

By contrast, the mutual exchange of business cards takes seconds and guarantees both you and they have the correct contact information in an attractive, wallet-friendly format. When someone presents you with their business card, being able to reciprocate with your own card undoubtedly helps the business relationship get off to the best possible start.

Also, having printed business cards doesn’t mean you can’t embrace digital technology. A QR code printed on the back can be easily scanned (something we’ve all gotten used to over the past year!), directing users to your online profile, company homepage, or e-commerce site.


What a business card says about your business

Business cards help reinforce your brand, displaying your logo, company byline, or tagline. By handing out a professionally designed and printed business card, you demonstrate that your company is established and credible. A memorable slogan on your card can be a real conversation starter too, allowing you to explain your business to a potential customer.

Another undeniable benefit of a printed business card is the opportunity to add extra information on the back, such as an appointment time, a thank you note, or even a quick quote. Business cards can be slipped in with gifts or left as a calling card.

Modern digital printing techniques allow for short print runs, so business cards can be produced in smaller batches and adapted to suit any changes to your business. You may wish to have special cards created for a large event or promotion, complete with a discount code. So your business card not only delivers your company’s information, it has a tangible value that will encourage the receiver to keep the card for longer.

What are the correct business card dimensions?

While business card dimensions are not as critical as they used to be, many people still use Filofax sleeves or desktop Rolodexes to store their important contacts. It’s worth sticking to a standard business card size such as 90 x 55 millimetres or 86 x 55 millimetres.  This new, smaller size fits better into wallets and has become a print standard.

Business card size might be fairly standard, but there are many ways to add impact through good design, quality print materials, and colour choice. Ensure your card design is consistent with your brand by using the same artwork, colour palette and typefaces.

Business cards remain a vital first point of contact with potential customers—this small printed card may be the first exposure they have to your company! So it pays to make a good first impression. Here at Activate Design, we can help you put together a complete brand portfolio, including print and digital assets.

Contact our team to start designing your business cards now!

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