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new zealand childrens choral academy case study banner


The New Zealand Children's Choral Academy approached us to design a logo that would represent them on the worlds stage for global events and competitions. 
And to develop a website with functionality specific to their requirements here at home; new registrations, concert performances, payments and donations and more. 


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Jon Tarr - Design Commentary

When working with such a long name; 'New Zealand Childrens Choral Academy Te wānanga waiata tira mō ngā tamariki o Aotearoa' — I knew the logo couldn't really be type based! 

Instead my principle focus was to design a logomark — a representative symbol that they can use on their uniforms and banners etc. that could be an identity unique to them.

 I created a mark using the combination of; a musical note, a speech bubble and a koru shape. Therefore, the mark communicates these 3 key things:
Music - Created using the voice - Uniquely from Aotearoa New Zealand. 
The logomark is simple, unique and memorable. And it communicates the identity of the NZ Children’s Choral Academy in a fun, stylish and interesting way. 

For the type design, I used a carefully stacked arrangement of simple condensed type to try and get all the words compact and useable as possible — whilst still being clear and easy to read.

nz childrens choral academy logo sketch

nz childrens choral academy logo design

nz childrens choral academy logo design

With the logo identity sorted. We then designed and developed a website with some interesting custom functionality. 

We developed a choir module to manage their online registrations. They can create as many choirs as they want and from the admin panel they can create the course, set the price, enter the details, and specify the fields in the forms that need to be submitted. Users can fill in the forms and pay registration fees through  Stripe or Bank Deposit, or can request an invoice to pay manually. This is also integrated with Google Sheets and all registration data is automatically imported into their sheets online. Smart, simple and user-friendly.

We also developed a concerts module for their upcoming performances. They can list these with images, text, and an external link to buy tickets.
Upcoming performances that are added also automatically appear as a slideshow display on the homepage.

Other functions include a media module for easy embedding of youtube and vimeo video content. And a donations module which is integrated with Stripe payment gateway.
You can view their site at: nzcca.co.nz

nz childrens choral academy website design

"This is all looking really great - and we really like the rationale and the design. Thanks so much!!"

Exx - New Zealand Children's Choral Academy