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Office: 205 Durham Street (top floor)
Christchurch CBD 8011
PO Box 3871, Christchurch, NZ

Enquiries: 0800 30 8996
(03) 964 5305 - Reception
[email protected]

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(03) 961 1106 - Support
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Activate Design Limited



A critical aspect of being online for a business is the hosting platform. But it’s an area often overlooked by those seeking a new website. The reason is usually because, at the time, the principle focus is the website itself and not the hosting platform it will operate on. As long as the site works — that is all that matters, right? 

Website hosting often isn’t given a serious thought until something goes horribly wrong, and it does! We’ve had so many clients come to us for managed hosting who have expressed this exact situation; ‘I just had NO idea about the importance of hosting’ - is a common phrase. 

Our ActiveHost system takes daily backups of all our customers individual sites plus we take a disaster recovery backup of our entire server every day. So we can roll back a customers website to the most recent backup in the event of something small going wrong. Or we can restore our entire server easily if something big goes wrong. 

We have an online support ticket system and tech staff available for you to call for any email and website support. We take the management and security of hosting our customers websites extremely seriously.



We run our servers right here in New Zealand for optimal performance and efficiency. Housed in a modern data-centre, purpose built in 2018. Fully redundant power supply and cooling, carrier neutral and environmentally friendly. 

  • Modern Architecture - Latest UPS and in-row cooling technology.
  • Monitoring and Response - 24/7 monitoring and emergency response. Multiple alert systems and sensors.
  • Resilience - No single points of failure. Advanced rapid switch-over systems and a Cummins stanby generator. Multiple cooling systems.
  • 384 Solar Panels - Offsets around 24,000 tonnes of carbon each year.
  • Security - Regular security guard patrols, active monitoring and CCTV. 24/7/365 access monitoring and control with biometric scanners. 
  • Elevated site - 27m above sea level.
  • Earthquake ready - 187% building code compliance rating.
  • Backups - Daily website and server backups - keeping your website and customer data safe!
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“I am really ecstatic with the finished website!
It really hit the nail on the brief’s head.”

"I have worked with Activate in the past and was more than happy to engage with them again for our new website. This project started with me looking at ‘award-winning’ websites for inspiration, so I had created a high benchmark to achieve. Working with Activate was hugely collaborative – they were very accommodating in terms of iterations which were always performed in a timely fashion, provided me with excellent back-end training and were just a friendly, approachable team to work with."

Tara Connon - Max People

"Thank your team for the hard work they put in on the website."

"We had, within the first week of the website going live, six people book lessons through the website which is amazing! Have had lots of great feedback as well so thank you!"

Corinna Franssen - Starfish Swim School

"Thanks guys, our website looks amazing!"

Nic Furlong - The Loft Co-location Project

"Just wanted to let you know that we have had 5 new clients come on board in past week and all have said that they chose us because of our website so just thought I’d a pass the feedback on to you and your team and say thank you for doing such a good job!"

Rachel Albers, Office Manager - Brown & Company Planning Group

"Thanks for the awesome website!"

"It just picked up a Top Tourism Site Award. They said the fully responsive layout and the fantastic home page imagery adds to the quality user experience."

Malcolm Fagerlund - The Mill House

"Absolutely wrapped with the website design."

"The website layout, its perfect exactly what I was after. You've got a talented team, much appreciation for what you do.
Thanks for the incredible service you provide."

Damian McNaughton - Waimak Glass

A big thank you to the team at Activate Design - for a job well done on our website!

Layne Watson - Layne Watson Plumbing

Thank you Activate Design for going above and beyond for creating this amazing website!

Karri Smith - Dermatech Skincare

Thanks to Activate Design for getting this website up and running so quickly and designing this for us!

Henry - Maxraft