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Ranginui at Lake Tekapo in New Zealand offers boutique accommodation. They approached me to design a logo that reflects their unique location and identity.

In Māori mythology, Ranginui is the heavens - the Sky Father. They chose this as a reference to the beautiful big skies and open landscapes of the Mackenzie Country
as well as the world-famous nightsky and stargazing at Lake Tekapo.


jon tarr profile picJon Tarr - Design Commentary
My initial focus was on the type. As Ranginui is a Māori word, I wanted to add some New Zealand cultural feeling to it — whilst also keeping it simple, clear and modern.

The specific letterforms of a word always present some opportunity for a unique touch, something different and special which will provide ownership value of the design for the client.

In this case, it was the A and the G in particular that I chose to incorporate a koru shape to connect with the Aotearoa New Zealand identity. 

I wanted the logo to have a crafted, fine-jewellery feeling to it. Particular attention was given to the simplicity of the letterforms, the thickness and spacing. I slightly rounded the sharp joins in the same way that one would if it was cut from fine metal. 

logo design for ranginui in lake tekapo

logo design for ranginui in lake tekapo

logo design for ranginui in lake tekapo

The next part of the logo design was for the mark. For this part of the logo I chose this amazing viewpoint from their apartment windows.
It shows Mistake Peak rising to the left and Mt Erebus and the Sibald Mountain Rage behind it to the right.
Together with Lake Tekapo + the smaller landmass in the forefront and the sky as a backdrop — the view has fantastic layering.

logo design for ranginui in lake tekapo

logo design for ranginui in lake tekapo

Continuing the hand-crafted concept. I encased the photograph into a circle and blocked in the shape of each element layer in simple line forms.
A moon and single, shining star represent Ranginui - the heavens, beaming above the earth and the lake below. 

The design of the logomark is like a jewellery piece, perhaps like a necklace pendant, pin or brooch. It will compliment the logotype
but can also be used separately as an icon or brand mark for the business.
A unique view from their unique location, represented in this unique symbol that they can brand as their own. 

logo design for ranginui in lake tekapo

logo design for ranginui in lake tekapo


“"Hooray - I love it!  Thank you so much - I'm so happy you incorporated a bit of both mountains.” 

Ann-Maree Grant - Ranginui at Lake Tekapo